Informative content


Informative content

What is content? According to Wikipedia‚ content is — “Information and experiences that provide value for an enduser or audience”.

In this information-rich age every company is trying to attract user′s attention. But due to low signal to noise ratio‚ users don′t trust things online. Last thing users want is random babble that doesn′t help them make a decision. And as you are aware of‚ the internet is full of these types of websites.

I just want to know about the product. You are just bragging about yourself. And stop repeating - “Contact us now” I will contact you after if I find your product good enough.

According to a study conducted by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen - “Web users detest anything that seems like marketing fluff or overly hyped language (marketese) and prefer factual information.” They make a decision based on facts‚ not rhetoric.

We know all this stuff so we take a cut to the chase approach. We write what matters most — factual information about you‚ your products‚ and services.

SEO-friendly‚ not SEO-manipulative

A verbose web page may seem to your more authoritative. The reality is opposite. Stuffing keywords for fooling Google also increases hype and noise. It may profit your SEO in short-term‚ but it will hurt your company in the long run. There′s a big difference between SEO-friendly and SEO-manipulative content.

Our writing is SEO-friendly and non-manipulative‚ simple yet effective. We focus on the end user‚ because it′s the end user who will be browsing your website. It‚s the user who will be providing you business. So why try to manipulate users?

We ensure quality and quantity

Content is the king. It′s content that will persuade users to buy your products and services. Users don′t come to business websites for visual pleasure. They have tasks to complete.

This is the main reason we allot more time to writing than any other aspect of web design.

There′s one more important thing about content writing. We as users don′t read much online. Wee ssccaann. We scan most of the stuff we find online and only read what we find interesting. That′s what you have been doing since you reached our website. You were scanning for most of the time‚ and reading only what was interesting.

So now you know‚ writing quality is more important than quantity for your website. Let′s move on to our writing process.

Content precedes design. Design in the absense of content is not design. It's decoration. - Jeffery zeldman (Web Standards expert)

Content writing process

Before we start writing for your website‚ we have a meeting with you. Content is the backbone for any onlineinitiative. So we give and take suggestions. Also‚ you can tell us about your specific requirements.

We use a special technology called markdown for our writing. Not every user′s literacy level is same, so we keep our writing to 8th grade max. We take extra care of grammar.

When content for your website is complete, we send you the document for overviewing. If you want any changes or wanna add something, we do it. All copies are proofread many times to ensure quality content. The next step is design.