And we are going to help you with it

Marketing is about exposure. Marketing is about persuasion. It′s about telling people that you provide products and services they need. Everybody is using marketing to promote businesses. Subway does it this way:

if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it‚ does it make a sound?

Your website offers products‚ and people don′t know about it‚ does it attract customers?

So how are you gonna use it? There are two ways you can promote your business′ traditional marketing and online marketing. Ads in newspapers‚ radio‚ and television are examples of traditional marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO)‚ Pay per click (PPC) services‚ and Social Media Marketing.

You can go either way‚ but we are gonna suggest online marketing. Why online? You may ask. Well‚ it′s an internet age. Everything is inter-connected. Most of us can′t imagine our lives without internet‚ right?

If you are not visible online‚ you are not visible at all.

What tools do we have to promote your business?

A lots of Internet is democracy. You are free to choose a tool that better suits your needs. And we provide ′em all!

  • SEO ( Google‚ Yahoo‚ Bing )
  • Google AdWords & GDN
  • Social media marketing ( Facebook‚ Twitter )
  • Content marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Bulk SMS

Let′s talk about them one-by-one. Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • imgage

What′s a search engine?

Whenever you search something online‚ you are using a search engine. A search engine searches for information on the world wide web. You type in some words and it shows you some results. It′s as simple as that.

These results are a mix of links to websites‚ photos‚ videos‚ and maps. Every search engine focuses on providing quality and relevant results.

People search for products and services online. And if you come up in the search results‚ you will get business. Search engine optimization makes sure that you come up in the search results.

Now‚ to better understand search engine optimization‚ you have to understand three important concepts:

  • How search engines work?
  • Which search engine will get you more leads?
  • How we optimize your website?

How search engines work?

Search engines′ processes and algorithms are proprietary. Google Inside Search provides some insights to us. According to it‚ this is how Google search works:

  • Crawling and Indexing
  • Algorithms

Google navigates the web by crawling. That means it follows links from page to page. Then it sorts the pages by their content and other factors. And stores it all in the index.

When you search something‚ algorithms look for clues to better understand what you mean. Based on these clues‚ Google pulls relevant documents from its index. Then it ranks the results using over 200 factors. Matt from Google describing how Google search works

Google also filters spam. Spam may include black hat SEO and content with little or no value. Black hat SEO refers to tricks people use to fool Google.

Which search engine will get you more leads?

Right now‚ there are three major players in online search. Google‚ Yahoo‚ and Bing. Google dominates with 58.44% global and 95.12 USAn share.

  • image

Small businesses have limited budgets to spend. So we recommend that they should focus only on Google. As you can see above‚ Google′s market share in USA is 95.12%. So businesses with interests only within USA should also focus on Google.

How we optimize your website?

Search engines recommend these things for optimization:

  • Original‚ quality content and graphics
  • Using relevant keywords
  • Social media
  • Creating unique and accurate page titles and headings
  • Describing graphics with ‘alt’ attribute
  • Making your site easier to navigate

When we develop a website‚ we always keep these things in mind. So your websites are always SEO ready. If you already have your website developed‚ we enhance these things for SEO purposes.

Search engines don′t see websites they way we do. They can only see code. So we have to tell them what your website offers. We do this by editing code. Let′s discuss these things in detail:

Original‚ quality content and graphics : Search engines′ primary focus is to present relevant results for users‚ searches. Their primary focus is on users‚ and yours should too. We can′t stress this enough that whatever you do‚ do it keeping the end user in mind.

Get rid of half the words on each page then get rid of what′s left. - Steve Krug

Content is the backbone of any online initiative. And if your content is not good‚ your website is not good. Also users′ attention span is short while browsing. So we keep content brief‚ to the point‚ and meaningful. Our Research and Copywriting team does a thorough research while writing your copy.

Using relevant keyword : A keyword is an idea that comes into a user′s mind when he wants to search about something. He types in those keywords and search engines provide results based on those keywords. So if we have accurate keywords in our code‚ he will find us in search engine results. While optimizing your website‚ we put relevant keywords in the code.

Social Media : Social media is backbone of the internet. 72% of all internet users are active on social media and Google sees this. Facebook alone accounts for 15.8% of total time spent on the internet. So if your websites integrates well with Social Media‚ search engines will like this. So we integrate your website with your social media.

Creating unique and accurate page titles and headings : Page title is text that shows up on the top of browser tab.

  • image

Adding relevant‚ brief yet descriptive titles boost your′s website′s search engine rankings.

Describing graphics with ‘alt’ attribute : Search engines can′t understand what images are about. We have to specify with each image what′s it about. We use a tag in the code called ‘alt’ to describe it. Alt stands for alternative. It′s kind of description about the image in case user is not able to load the image.

  • image

It can happen because of slow internet connection. It also happens when user is using screen reader. So we are providing a fallback text to users. And boy search engines like that.

Making your site easier too navigate : Your website′s browsing experience should be effortless. You should never make the user think!

If user finds your website easy to use and informative‚ he will come back to it. He will tell others about it. And people will buy your product and services.

We also make your website accessible to people with disabilities. This has three benefits for you :

  • It′s a moral thing to do
  • It helps your marketing efforts as you can reach a broader audience
  • Search engines prefer websites with accessibility support

some other geeky things we do to make search engines like your website :

  • W3C validation
  • Creating and submitting sitemap of your website
  • Use of microdata
  • Google local page listings
  • Landing page optimization & A/B Testing
  • Google Analytics setup
  • and event tracking

One important thing : It′s important to understand that SEO is a long-term process. You have to have patience while we do SEO for your website.

There are some people though who don′t want to wait. They either go for Google AdWords‚ or in some cases black hat SEO. We will talk about Google Adwords later‚ let′s talk about black hat SEO first.

Black hat SEO

SEO is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted subject in online marketing. People try to fool search engines to list their websites higher in results. It may work for short-term‚ but it doesn′t work in the long run. Worse‚ these tricks may hurt your brand identity in the long run.

Most of these so called ‘SEO Experts’ take guarantee to rank your website on page one. In truth they are SEO frauds. Beware of them. In truth‚ nobody can take guarantee for top ranking on Google. This is what google says in this matter :

  • No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

    Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings‚ allege a “special relationship” with Google‚ or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google‚ in fact‚ the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.

  • Be careful if a company is secretive or won′t clearly explain what they intend to do.

    Ask for explanations if something is unclear. if an SEO creates deceptive or misleading content on your behalf‚ such as doorway pages or “throwaway” domains‚ your site could be removed entirely from Google′s index. Ultimately‚ you are responsible for the actions of any companies you hire‚ so it′s best to be sure you know exactly how they intend to “help” you. If an SEO has FTP access to your server‚ they should be willing to explain all the changes they are making to your site.

Some of those black hat SEO practices are :

  • Keyword stuffing : It refers to stuffing keywords to your webpage. It′s may bring your website higher in results for some time. But it is bad for user experience and search engines may ban your website.
  • Link schemes : Any links that doesn′t add to user value. People use these to manipulate PageRank.
  • Cloaking : It refers to displaying different content to users and search engines.
  • Filling pages with useless content : When you fill your website with meaningless content and useless graphics. Search engines don’t show these types of websites in their search results.

Search engines are aware of these practices so they keep changing search algorithms. They can also blacklist some sites that don′t provide valuable content for users.

If your website doesn′t provide quality content with good design‚ it′s useless. It′s your content that′s gonna turn visitors into customers. It′s your design that′s gonna provide a good browsing experience.

If you are improving your rankings at cost of user experience‚ it′s gonna hurt you. And will leave your potential customers like.

Is this guy nuts? why does he keep repeating the same words over & over again.


And you are gonna lose them. They will go to some other website. Remember‚ in the online world your competitor is just a click away. So you should place your focus on quality content and good design. Not on fooling search engines. In the end you will be fooling yourself only.

As we said earlier‚ SEO is a long-term process. If you can′t wait to come up in the search results‚ we recommend you go for Google AdWords.

Google AdWords

SEO is a long-term process. It can take months or even years to bring your website up in organic results. Now if you are new on web or want instant results‚ Google provides a service. Google AdWords. When you search for something on the internet you get two types of results: organic results and ads.

  • image

The first two ads you see on the top are Google AdWords. Below them are organic results. When you use Google AdWords you can get those two ad spots.

Google AdWords is a pay per click service. That means you only pay when a user shows interest in your ad and clicks on it. This is a game changer for small businesses. Now you can too get your word out in the crowd‚ without bleeding cash.

And this is where internet wins again — it′s a level playing field. It doesn′t care how big you are. If you are giving people what they want‚ they are gonna give you what you want — business.

Why you should use Google AdWords? Let′s go straight to the facts :

  • Every month there are more than 1030 Crore Google searches. 78% of users research products and services on Google
  • Over 12 Lakh businesses advertise on Google
  • Google Display Network has 10 Lakh websites in its network. Also‚ 3 Lakh mobile apps show Google mobile ads
  • 70% of people who are searching on mobile call a business right from Google app
  • in 2014‚ there was a 27% increase in AdWords spend
  • You can target the entire country or just a city

For the first time in marketing‚ you are in total control of your advertising.

Not impressed yet? Google Display Network serves 18‚000 Crore impressions each month‚ and 600 Crore everyday. Just think about it. That′s a huge huge opportunity for your business and brand visibility.

What′s an impression?: Whenever a person sees your ad online‚ Google calls it an impression.

Other types of advertising bombard users when they are doing something else. And most of the time‚ people just ignore them. But with Google Adwords you will be at the right place at the right time. You are showing your ads only when the user is searching online. And this is why Google AdWords is so effective.

  • image

So how does Google AdWords work?

AdWords is pretty straightforward to set up. Though to get the most juice out of it‚ we work with a strategy.

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. - Michael Porter.

What we shouldn′t do is try to capture every part of the crowd. If we try to catch everything‚ we won′t catch anything. So we discuss with you which part of the crowd you want to capture.

So we focus on stuff that is most important to you. Any AdWords campaign have these important elements.

  • Keywords
  • Landing page
  • Measuring the results

We pick keywords that are most relevant to your business and area. Again we don′t put too many irrelevant keywords. We create an effective landing page. And we track the results and fine tune things as needed. There are some other things in AdWords that are important to know. You will find a user friendly guide on this page.

Steps that go into creating and running an AdWords campaign :

  • Setting up your AdWords account
  • Creating campaigns and AdGroups
  • Building ads
  • Choosing relevant keywords
  • Setting a budget
  • Measuring and fine-tuning

Creating a campaign is easy. You have all the information you need to get AdWords running for your business. But running it with maximum ROI is whole another thing. That′s where we come. Information is a good thing‚ but only to some extent. If we can′t separate signal from noise‚ information can hurt us. You

To bankrupt a fool‚ give him information. - Nassim Nicholas Taleb (risk analyst‚ influential thinker)

You focus on what you do best‚ your business. We will focus on what we do best‚ managing things like AdWords. Because together we can achieve more than what we can going separate.

if you want to go fast‚ go alone. if you want to go far‚ go together.

Google AdWords is also important in getting to know what keywords work best. As we mentioned‚ keywords are very important in SEO. So before working on SEO‚ we play with keywords in AdWords. This tactic always gives us a better set of keywords.

Start marketing your business today with Google AdWords


We suggest even if you wanna go for SEO‚ start with AdWords. This gives us a better overview of your market and competitors online. Also this is a PPC service‚ so there′s nothing to lose.

If you still can′t decide then we will help you. Get in touch with one of our people and we will guide you through the whole process.

Social Media Marketing :

  • Radio took 38 years
  • Television took 13 years
  • The internet took 4 years
  • Facebook took only 3 years! Only 3 frigging years!

Are you thinking the same? It would be foolish if we don′t advertise on social media? Right? Well‚ it″s not just advertising.

  • I was standing in line to check in at Las Vegas′ then-trendiest hotel in town‚ the Aria Resort & casino‚ for nearly an hour. it was june 2010‚ and I had just arrived after a six-hour flight from New Your. The last thing I wanted to do was waste an hour of my life waiting in line. Frustrated‚ I pulled out my BlackBerry and tweeted‚ “No Vegas hotel could be worth this long wait. Over an hour to check in at the Aria!”

  • Interestingly enough‚ the Aria didn′t tweet to me‚ but a cmpetitor did. I saw a tweet from the Rio Hotel & Casino just two minutes later. if you′re anything like most people with whom I′ve shared this story‚ you′re probably thinking‚ “what did the Rio tweet‚ ‘Come on over-We have no line?’”

  • Had the Rio tweeted such a message‚ I would have likely felf annoyed by them‚ too‚ as if they were stalkers or some creepy characters looking to manipulate me and benefit from my bad experience. On the Contrary‚ however, the Rio tweeted the following to me. “Sorry about the bad experience‚ Dave. Hope the rest of your stay in Vegas goes well.”

  • Gyess where I ended up staying the next time I went to Las Vegas?

What do you think? Of course he went straight to Rio next time. You can read the full story by Dave Kerpen here.

Social media is more about communication than advertisement. Communication is more powerful than advertising. In social media‚ you get what you give. You are responsible for how people perceive your brand.

The most important thing about social media marketing is endorsement. An endorsement from a family member of friend is better than any type of advertisement. Word of mouth has been and is the holy grail of marketing.

if you do build a great experience‚ customers tell each other about that.

word of mouth is very powerfull. - Jeff Bezos (founder‚ Amazon)

We provide a complete set of social media marketing services for your business. We give a voice to your business in social world. Social media is more important now than ever. And as search engines have started looking for social media signals‚ it′s important for your SEO too.

How we help you engage with people on social media? Social media is pretty huge.

The most important social media platforms are :
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • image

Facebook is the most important social media platform right now. It has over 139 Crore active users and accounts for 15.8% of total time spent on the internet. Over 52% of all businesses have found a customer via Facebook. It′s too big to ignore.

Turning Facebook into watercooler‚ sparking conversations

The most important goal when we are marketing on Facebook is : communication and familiarity. We are communicating‚ commenting‚ liking‚ and listening. At the same time‚ we are also familiarizing people with your business. Familiarity is crucial in marketing.

  • image

So first we get the word out. We create a Facebook page for your business and promote it with Facebook PPC advertising. It′s the best way to attract people who use products and services that you provide. Then we tell people how is your product or service a better choice. Also your existing customers‚ if treated well‚ will endorse you.

Step by step‚ we create a user base for you. We listen. We comment. We engage with people and tell them about your products and services. Interesting stuff gets shared further. Quality stuff goes viral.

We develop a style guide for your brand and stick to it. Tone of voice‚ graphics‚ things to share all adhere to that style guide. This is important for your brand identity. As people want brands to be consistent.

Content marketing and Facebook go hand in hand. We use different types of media to engage people. And no‚ we don′t use clickbaits. Going viral is a good thing‚ but without using clickbaits. Users despise clickbaits and anything upworthied.

A lot of goes into Facebook marketing. Our social media professionals are experts in giving all to your social campaigns. They are all trained in human psychology and behavior.

Facebook is crucial for your social media awareness. If you can only have one social platform covered‚ make it Facebook. If you want to broaden your exposure further‚ consider adding YouTube to your marketing strategy.

Videos‚ videos‚ and more videos. YouTube to YouRise.

  • Wanna listen to a latest song? Go to YouTube.
  • Wanna see what′s happening in the world? Go to YouTube.
  • Wanna learn about a new product? Go to YouTube.
  • Wanna see trailers of upcoming movies? Go to YouTube.

YouTube is the holy mother of entertainment and infotainment in digital age. It′s more than just a video sharing platform. It′s a full featured social network. Just to give you a glimpse of its power:

  • 100 Crore people use YouTube.
  • It′s the number two search engine in the world. There are more searches on YouTube than Yahoo‚ Bing‚ and Ask combined.
  • 22% of users visit the marketer′s website after watching a video
  • 12% of users purchase your item after watching the video about it
  • 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process.

YouTube is successful because it lets users share stories. Stories in form of media. We crave stories. We share them. We keep searching for new stories. And we never get tired of them. After all who we are but a storytelling animal.

There′s one more reason for its success as a video platform. We live in a visual world. We are wired for visual signals more than any other sense. And YouTube is all about visuals. Our brain gives the highest priority to storytelling in form of visuals. So it’s no surprise that teenagers love YouTube more than Facebook.

  • image

So what we do? We give you control over YouTube′s power. We let you use it for your brand awareness and lead generations. Businesses all over world have included YouTube in their marketing basket. You can read about some success stories here.

  • image

Even if a movie is mediocre‚ people go to see it. Because for them good or mediocre doesn′t matter‚ freshness does. Users always want fresh content. Content marketing is the pillar of success on YouTube. We have to create fresh ideas and serve them in form of media.

Creating media for YouTube is a complicated process. It will take another website of this size to discuss in full detail. Typical process goes like this.

Discussing goals → Script writing → Shooting → Post production (Editing‚ FX‚ Captions) → Uploads → Running TrueView Ads

TrueView feature of YouTube is similar to PPC services. You only pay when a user finds your products interesting and decided to watch the ad. When a users skips your ad‚ you don′t pay anything.

Video production is up to you. You can have a videographer rented if you want control over process. We send you the script in advance. We will shoot the footage in case you want to stay clear of all that. If you describe your products and services in the video‚ it helps users make a decision.

In post-production we use Final Cut Pro X for editing videos. Adobe After Effects CC handles all the special effects. For audio production we use Apple Logic Pro X and Avid Pro Tools.

Team OSS is a team of talented audio and video people. We understand the psychology behind this medium and how we can influence users with it. We′ve got you covered no matter what story you want to tell. To discuss further about YouTube marketing‚ please contact one of our people here.

Tweeting birds are beautiful‚ let′s join them

  • image

Twitter started off in 2006 with a simple idea - to let people share their thoughts in 140 characters. They call this tweeting. As of this writing, twitter has more than 28 crore active users. People come to twitter to follow their favorite celebrity and brand. All big businesses have twitter accounts and they tweet daily.

Let′s take a look at Twitter statistics :

  • People send 50 Crore tweets daily.
  • 80% of active Twitter users are on mobile phones.
  • 34% marketers are able to generate leads on Twitter.
  • CTR (Click through rate) on Twitter is 8–24% higher than Facebook.
  • Twitter is the 2nd most used social network by B2B marketers.

We provide a complete Twitter marketing package. We handle everything from posting media to conversing with users. We promote retweets and trends. As me mentioned earlier‚ communication is the most important part of social media marketing. We ignite communications‚ we listen to what users are saying about your brand. Honest listening makes users feel that we are taking care of them.

One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $ 10‚000 worth of advertising. - jim rohn

Twitter is a very active platform. We have to stay up to date with latest trends. We have to reply quick. We have to retweet to earn retweets. Our social media team handles twitter accounts for many big names in the industry.

Including Twitter in your social media marketing always pays high dividends. Whether you are a B2B business or a service provider‚ we recommend you to use it.

Other important social networks

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. An important social network for B2B businesses. You can use LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Updates to promote yourself. Google+ is what Google thinks a social network should be like. It′s important for your SEO‚ as Google prefers businesses with Google+ pages.

Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool. Here users collect and share photos of their favorite events‚ interests‚ and hobbies. It′s the fastest growing social network right now.

It′s important to understand that this is social media age. You must learn to leverage the power of conversation and sharing. Have a cup of coffee with us and let′s discuss further.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the only marketing left. - Seth Godin (renowned marketing expert)

Daniel Kahneman‚ a noble prize winning psychologist has demonstrated that we have two systems of thought. System 1‚ and System 2. System 1 is a fast and intuitive process which is trigged by emotions. We have little conscious control over System 1. System 2 corresponds with rational thinking‚ which is slow‚ deliberative and effortful. Our brains tend to avoid using System 2 whenever possible.

So we are not thinking creatures‚ we are emotional creatures. And if we are able to trigger the right emotions‚ we win people. Content marketing is all about that, creating an emotional response. Not in deceitful ways‚ no. Rather helping them out with making decisions‚ educating them. And then they decide whether to do business with you or not. And believe us‚ it works magic.

Content marketing is the future of marketing. We get what we give. And we give them.

  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • How to guides

Let′s take a look at a few statistics :

  • Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks‚ 89% more favorites‚ and 150% more retweets.
  • 86% of buyers want to access interactive/visual content on demand.
  • Photos and images are the most important in optimizing social media posts.
  • Facebook page posts with photos accounts for 87% of total interactions.
  • 39% B2B businesses share infographics on social media.

In the internet age‚ our attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. And every company out there is striving for users′ attention. With the right content‚ we can attract more people. It′s always better than bombarding them with dry advertising.

Ads without content provide nothing valuable to users. But here we are helping them out‚ informing them, entertaining them. Once we get their attention‚ we tell them that we provide what they are looking for. It′s also important in retaining customers.

We use every toolset that we know of in creating content to put on the internet. Every skill set that our people have comes into play. Again‚ we work with a strategy. What to post‚ when and where is important in creating content.

For more information about content marketing and how you can integrate it in your marketing‚ content one of our people.

Email marketing

Before there were social networks‚ there was email. Even social networks need you to have an email account. Whoever is on social network‚ is already using email. Let′s take a look at numbers :

  • 1964 Crore emails are sent every day‚ a number 18 times the population of USA.
  • For every rupee spent on email marketing‚ ROI(return on investment) is 44.25 rupees.
  • Email is 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.
  • User hate direct advertising but welcome marketing emails.
  • 90% users like to receive updates from companies on their emails. Only 10% like to receive them on Facebook.
  • image

There are many times of emails that you can send to people. There are newsletters‚ product help‚ notifications about services‚ and much more.

We craft your emails with precision to cut through the ‘bullshit filter’ of users. We make sure that they get the message that you wanted them to get. Same UX and usability principles as web design make powerful email messages.

Email marketing is easy to set up. Businesses of any type or size can integrate email in their marketing efforts. We provide a set of email marketing services for your marketing needs. Tell us about your marketing plans and we will provide you fitting Email marketing packages.

Bulk SMS (SMS mobile marketing)

Message inbox is where user reads everything. Even when he′s gonna delete it‚ he would read it first. And if we′ve made a good first impression‚ he will be influenced.

Why SMS when internet is already here? Let us give you 5 solid reasons to go for SMS marketing.

  • 75% people in USA have access to mobile phones‚ while only 19% people use internet.
  • SMS marketing has a 98% open rate.
  • 90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being sent.
  • SMS has 8 times the response rate of email.
  • People love text messages so much that one person walked into a bear while texting. See the video here.

As you can see‚ not everybody has access to internet. Yet most companies are trying to target people using internet. Here′s where you can have advantage over them. Spread your message through SMS and fill that gap.

  • image

There are two types of SMS in bulk services.

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS

Understanding difference between both is important. Promotional SMS are messages which organizations send for promotion of their products and services. They look something like this.

Get 20% off on our Basic Plans. Hurry!

Transactional SMS are messages which companies send to provide important information. They look like this.

“Your order no. ##### has been shipped to your place. Thanks”

You can send promotional SMS only from 9AM to 9PM. Also you can′t send promotional SMS to users who have activated DND (Do Not Disturb) services. Transactional SMS are not subject to these restrictions. You can send them anytime to anyone.

We have exciting plans for SMS marketing. Tell us something about your business and we will contact you asap.