Thorough Testing How


Thorough Testing How

How can we be sure that it ain′t broke? Well‚ we test it of course. A website is just code that means it′s a software at the core. Just the platform is different as it runs in the cloud. And just like any other software we have to deal with bugs.

If it ain′t broke‚ don′t fix it.

A bug is anything that may cause some element of website to behave funny or not work at all. We take care of it. As they say: programming is half coding‚ half debugging.

Our programmers test the website after coding it. We don′t get a website running without any problems right after first coding. We have to find the bugs and fix them. So how do we do this?

Testing process

Testing process starts with checking the performance of website on multiple platforms. We test it on all types of mobile devices and operating systems. We fix the bugs and optimize the performance.

In the end‚ we validate your website with W3C validator. The W3C is the authority and after validation your website gets its driving license.

Internet Explorer is notorious among programmers for its support of web technologies. We provide IE support upto version 9 for regular packages. If you want your site to be able to run on IE8 and down‚ you can tell us. It takes quite a time so the cost rises as well.

It takes experience to craft websites that are media rich and lightening fast. Our experience has taught us how to tweak the code to get that performance.

Loading time is important because not every user has access to fast internet. Again‚ we want your website to reach as much audience as possible. It′s also good for SEO‚ as search engines prefer fast loading websites.

So now your website is ready for deployment.